The Crew

Aircraft Commander - CPT Harry Lagerwall

Co-Pilot - CPT Stanley Kroboth

Table Navigator - CPT Thomas Hart

TV Operator - 2LT George Macdonald

IR Operator - 1LT Delma Dickens

Fire Control Officer - CPT Robert Liles

Electronic Warfare Officer - CPT Joel Birch

Flight Engineer - TSgt James Fuller

Right Scanner - Sgt Robert Elliott

Aerial Gunner -  TSgt Richard Williams

Aerial Gunner - A1C Charles Fenter

Aerial Gunner - A1C Rollie Reaid

Illuminator Operator - Sgt Carl Stevens

Additional crew:

MAJ Paul Meder - IR Operator who was along for an orientation flight

TSgt John Winningham - Stand Eval Illuminator Operator who was along to do a check ride for Sgt Stevens. TSgt Winningham had recently arrived in-country for his second tour and was not currently assigned to a crew. He volunteered to fly on this mission because they were short-handed. 

MAJ Francis Walsh - F-4 pilot who was along for an orientation ride. It was common for F-4s to accompany AC-130s in order to provide flak suppression.

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